How to Prepare Your Loved One’s Home for a New Caregiver

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Preparing Your Loved One’s Home for a New Caregiver in Des Moines, IA

A professional caregiver knows how to transition into a new environment easily. However, there are some things you can do to prepare for having someone new in the house. Now that you’ve found the perfect caregiver for your senior loved one, you can use these tips to get the house ready for the caregiver’s first day.

Talk to Your Loved One About His or Her Concerns

Hopefully, your loved one is already excited about the idea of having a caregiver provide assistance around the house. However, he or she may still have some concerns. Ask if there are any places your loved one doesn’t want caregivers to go in the house or if he or she is worried about things such as valuables. You can use these concerns as starting points for knowing where to begin with the home preparations. For many seniors in Des Moines, live-in care is an essential component of aging in place safely and comfortably. However, it’s important for them to have caregivers they can trust and rely on. At Home Care Assistance, we extensively screen all of our live-in and 24-hour caregivers and only hire those who have experience in the senior home care industry. Our strict requirements ensure seniors can remain in the comfort of home with a reduced risk of injury or serious illness.

Define Any Private Areas of the Home

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns people have about hiring a caregiver. If you live in a multigenerational home, you may want to ask the caregiver to stay out of certain rooms. Your loved one may also prefer for the caregiver to use a certain bathroom or avoid areas of the house with special keepsakes he or she fears could be broken. Professional caregivers do their best to respect these types of requests, and telling the caregiver beforehand prevents conflicts.

Put Together a List of House Rules

Communication is critical for helping people get along. Let the caregiver know about any rules your loved one has established for the house. For instance, your loved one may prefer that the caregiver doesn’t have people over to visit, or he or she may ask to keep noise down after a certain hour. As long as the rules are reasonable, the caregiver will appreciate knowing the best ways to keep your loved one happy.

Set Up a Central Command Station

Once a caregiver enters the picture, your family benefits from having an extra person to handle important responsibilities. A central command station helps everyone communicate about what’s going on in your loved one’s life. Find an area of the house where you can all leave notes and add appointments to a calendar. Even a whiteboard is helpful for making sure you’re all on the same page. An experienced professional caregiver will probably have a few savvy tips on how to organize a caregiving station and coordinate communication among family caregivers. Although it may be challenging to find reliable, highly rated elderly home care, Des Moines, IA, families can turn to Home Care Assistance. Our respite and live-in caregivers are expertly trained to assist seniors with a wide array of important tasks, including cooking, bathing, light housekeeping, and exercise.

Prepare the Caregiver’s Areas of the Home

The amount of space a caregiver needs depends on the hours he or she works. A daytime caregiver may just need somewhere to hang a coat or purse. An overnight caregiver needs a private place to sleep. Caregivers may also appreciate having a place in the kitchen to store their snacks or meals without being an inconvenience for your loved one.

Organize Any Necessary Supplies

As a final preparation, spend a few minutes organizing the things your loved one’s caregiver will use every day. Go through your loved one’s closet to remove anything he or she doesn’t wear anymore. You might also want to sort through the bathroom to make sure all the toiletries and medical supplies are prepared. This way, the caregiver can walk in and quickly get to work helping with your loved one’s needs. These few adjustments can help your new caregiver feel welcome and ease the introduction process for your loved one. One of the most challenging tasks of helping an elderly relative age in place safely and comfortably is researching agencies that provide home care services. Des Moines families can turn to Home Care Assistance for reliable, high-quality in-home care for aging adults. We offer 24-hour live-in care for seniors who require extensive assistance, and we also offer respite care for family caregivers who need a break from their caregiving duties. Trust your loved one’s care to the professionals at Home Care Assistance. Reach out to one of our compassionate Care Managers today at (515) 264-2438.


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