Things Millennial Caregivers Should Keep in Mind

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Tips for Young Caregivers in Des Moines, IA

For years, baby boomers reigned as the largest group of family caregivers. Now, the boomer generation is moving into their golden years, and millennials are stepping up to the task of providing them with care. While your generation may be known for being the ultimate multitaskers, you may still find yourself overwhelmed by the prospect of handling so many responsibilities. As you move into your new role, keep these important things in mind for staying on top of your caregiving duties.

Time Management Is Critical

As a millennial, you’re right at the age where you may be trying to juggle work and family responsibilities along with a social life. Whether you have small children in the home or travel frequently for business, you can still manage your aging loved one’s care without burning out. Start by taking advantage of all of the time management tools you have available. For instance, the same scheduling app you use at the office could also be used to keep track of your loved one’s appointments. Even something as simple as a shared calendar on the refrigerator can help you stay on track with the tasks that must be done. Caring for a senior while balancing your personal responsibilities and job can be overwhelming. If you are the primary family caregiver for an elderly loved one and need additional assistance providing high-quality home care, Des Moines Home Care Assistance can help. We are a leading home care agency committed to changing the way seniors age.

Teamwork Isn’t Just for the Office

You’ve spent your life learning about the powerful benefits of group thinking. Now, you can take your collaboration abilities and apply them to your loved one’s care. Never try to go it alone with caregiving since this is the fastest way to end up with burnout. Instead, pool together every resource you have available to manage the caregiving tasks. For instance, your sister who is a whiz at baking may be perfect for helping you plan your loved one’s meals. A professional caregiver may be the ideal solution to making sure your loved one gets a daily bath. By putting together a list of supports based on each person’s strengths, you’ll know where to turn when a new problem arises that requires expertise. Seniors who need assistance with bathing or other daily tasks can benefit from the expertise of a professional caregiver. Although it may be challenging to find reliable, highly rated senior home care, Des Moines, IA, families can turn to Home Care Assistance. Our respite and live-in caregivers are expertly trained to assist seniors with a wide array of important tasks, including cooking, bathing, light housekeeping, and exercise.

Technology Is an Asset

With a little creative thinking and research, you can find ways to use technology to streamline your caregiving duties. For instance, you can use a smart slow cooker to start dinner before you leave the office to go home. Home automation services are another asset for busy caregivers. Being able to unlock your loved one’s front door for a caregiver from your smartphone gives you more freedom to do the things you must do each day.

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Millennials sometimes catch flak for being self-centered, but your generation is more likely than any others to put their needs aside for the sake of the common good. For this reason, you need to resist the idea that taking care of yourself is selfish. Make time to keep up with your general health by scheduling regular dental and physical exams, and remember to get little things such as a nagging ache in your back checked out before it gets worse. Then, finish up your caregiving plan by carving out pockets of time meant specifically for relaxation. Taking time to recharge allows you to keep going when things get tough. Family caregivers need to care for their own wellbeing. If you are caring for an aging loved one and are feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring a professional caregiver to provide respite care. Des Moines families who want to avoid burnout can turn to Home Care Assistance. One of our professional caregivers can assist your loved one at home while you take a nap, go to work, run errands, or go on vacation. To learn more about our premier in-home care plans, call (515) 264-2438 today.


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