High-Quality Stroke Care Des Moines Seniors Can Trust

Returning home following a stroke can be challenging. Seniors must face the difficult recovery ahead, reacclimate to life at home, and adapt to their new limitations. To achieve this feat successfully means accepting support from family, friends, and professional stroke care providers. If your loved one is recovering from a stroke, Home Care Assistance of Des Moines, IA, is here to help. Our flexible and professional stroke caregivers provide one-on-one assistance in the comfort of home.

With our post-stroke care services in place, elderly stroke survivors find it easier to:

  • Comply with medical appointments, prescribed diets, and physical therapy activities
  • Maintain their highest level of independence
  • Safely adapt to using new equipment and assistive devices
  • Remain compliant with new medications
  • Enjoy companionship and prevent depression and anxiety
  • Avoid setbacks that can result in readmission to the hospital
Stroke Care Des Moines
Des Moines Stroke Home Care

Flexible and Customizable Stroke Care Plans

No two strokes are identical. These differences make personalized stroke care even more important. Taking a unique approach leads to better outcomes and makes the recovery process more enjoyable. At Des Moines Home Care Assistance, our stroke care plans are individually developed with the support of our professional team, medical professionals, seniors, and their family members. We consider the client’s limitations, goals, and care needs and customize the schedule to include appropriate activities and support that exactly meets these needs. As care needs change, the stroke care plan can be reassessed and amended to ensure effectiveness. Hours can also be easily increased or decreased at any time without penalty or the need to sign any long-term contracts.

Support for Senior Stroke Survivors & Their Families

Proper support throughout stroke recovery benefits families as well. Juggling your own needs with those of a stroke survivor can be difficult due to emotional, physical, or time limitations. Having professional stroke care in place makes it easier to find balance. Home Care Assistance Des Moines’s stroke caregivers manage personal care, housekeeping, transportation, and various other needs, which gives family caregivers more time to enjoy spending time with their loved ones, offer support, celebrate positive changes in health both small and large, and provide important reassurance. This type of emotional support is essential throughout recovery and makes returning home more enjoyable and beneficial for the entire family.

Returning home after a stroke is a big milestone. At Home Care Assistance in Des Moines, we are proud to support seniors by offering reliable, professional stroke care in the comfort of home. If your loved one needs assistance during stroke recovery, call (515) 264-2438 and schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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