How to Spot Red Flags when You Visit Your Senior Loved One

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Red Flags to Watch for When Visiting Your Aging Parent in Des Moines, IA

Aging adults sometimes don’t realize when they need help. Your senior parent might also attempt to keep you from worrying about the changes that are occurring in his or her life. Your loved one may try to put on a brave face so he or she can enjoy your visit without having a serious discussion. You can still enjoy your time together, but you can also use your visit to watch for these signs your parent needs assistance to remain safe at home.

Analyze Your Parent’s General Appearance

You might pick up on your parent’s challenges from the moment he or she opens the front door. A person’s appearance says a lot about how he or she feels mentally and physically, and any major changes you see may warrant further conversations. For example, seniors who answer the door in their pajamas at noon might be having difficulty getting dressed. Someone who has lost or gained a large amount of weight might be having difficulty with meal planning or a new health condition. You’ll want to take note of these changes and find a tactful way to bring them up to find out if there’s a way to help your loved one take better care of him or herself.

Watch for Difficulty Moving Around

A shuffling gait puts seniors at risk for falling. Your loved one might also have difficulty reaching to get things off a shelf. If you notice your parent can’t perform certain tasks without strain, you can present several options. Sometimes, moving things around to more accessible parts of the house is beneficial. Seniors who face difficulty with walking might need someone to help them keep their walking paths clear, and they may also benefit from having companions help them walk around in public. If you have a senior loved one who needs help maintaining a high quality of life while aging in place, reach out to Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of senior care Des Moines families can rely on. All of our caregivers are bonded, licensed, and insured, there are no hidden fees, and we never ask our clients to sign long-term contracts.

Observe the Process for Mealtimes

You can learn a lot about your loved one by sharing a meal together. As your parent cooks, try to notice if he or she has difficulty remembering what he or she is doing. You can also observe how your parent chops vegetables and whether or not the food storage areas are stocked. When you’re eating, watch how your loved one consumes the meal. If your parent pushes the food around on the plate, he or she might have a poor appetite or oral pain that keeps him or her from eating. These are all signs your loved one could benefit from having a caregiver assist with meal preparation. At-home care providers can benefit aging adults in a variety of ways. From cooking nutritious meals to offering timely medication reminders, the dedicated caregivers at Home Care Assistance are available to help your elderly loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Look for Obvious Signs of Neglect

Taking care of a home gets more difficult with age. You should be concerned if you notice several household maintenance tasks that haven’t been done in a while. Even something as simple as having several burned-out light bulbs could be a sign your loved one can’t do everything he or she used to. In this situation, having a caregiver stop in periodically can ensure those little tasks get done. Living independently is important for seniors who want to maintain a high quality of life. For some, this simply means receiving help with tasks that have become more challenging to manage over time. Even when families have the best intentions, they may not have the time to provide the care their elderly loved ones need and deserve. If your loved one needs help for a few hours a day or a few days a week, reach out to Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of respite care Des Moines seniors can depend on. To create a comprehensive in-home care plan for your parent, give us a call at (515) 264-2438 today. 


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